Client K…. called and said she was really happy with J…. and requested to keep her for ongoing. She said J… is extremely good and caring. 28 April 2020
Please pass on how fantastic I think Paul’s support workers are. They go above and beyond to support Paul and I am certain enable him to keep live independently in the community.17 March 2020
S….has excellent interpersonal skills and is able to calm Mum if/when she becomes anxious.
S… is clearly confident, competent & calm. I hope she continues to be available.4 Feb 2020
Please pass on our thank you to the Nikki who has been attending to services for G….
G…is very grateful and appreciative for the services provided by Nikki and we would like to extend that appreciation.
Thank you for your commitment and genuine care Nikki.
16 Oct 2019
Please pass on Mrs D… thanks to M…. for his kindness and professionalism during his time as her care worker.27 Sept 2019
The client’s husband called and wanted to pass on the feedback for the home support worker H…. They were extremely happy with the service. He said she was a very nice lady and they would like to pass on how excellent she was at her job.16 Aug 2019
G….has been an excellent care worker and we very much appreciated his service assistance. Please pass on a big thank you to him.4 July 2019
Hi ESP Healthcare ,
Very happy with the service! All the care workers were very caring and supportive to my elderly father George. I cannot recommend the staff more highly. Thank you for the great service!!
3 July 2019
The carer went really well yesterday. Dad seemed to really enjoy it all. L… was “super professional”. 20 June 2019
C….. daughter called and commented on how M… gets on with her mum really well and is a “gem” to have.24 May 2019
“I went to visit/review my client yesterday with the intention of considering a discharge only to find to my astonishment a complete transformation for the client and his home, WOW.

I wanted to formally send feedback to thank Peter for his amazing efforts with this client, under the circumstances we would normally close the service down as a job well done, however it has come to my attention the this client has done so well because of Peter’s efforts and I believe that if I was to stop the service he would decline badly.

The client stated that (carer) Peter was wonderful to him and helped him a lot with weekly goals.

We will be leaving this service in place indefinitely..”Transitional Aged Care Service Coordinator – CCS H&S Illawarra- Oct 2015

“Just wanted to inform you that I have received a compliment for your carer Patsy from my client . She stated that Patsy was always warm and friendly and demonstrated a high level of initiative. She felt Patsy was an integral part of her rehabilitation.
Please thank Patsy for us.”Occupational Therapist - Transitional Aged Care Service - July 2015
“. worker M is “very good” and ESP “I think is wonderful”…Client Comment – Jan 2015
“..the Family also wish me to convey their thanks and congratulations to the workers..
..Paul for great work and Chris who is fabulous.”
” Thank you for sending caring and capable workers to support our families.”Carer Support Officer – 16 September 2014
“Very impressed with the three workers… It was a pleasure to have each person in our home..all very well suited for the help they provided.. could not ask for better..”Comment from client – 25 July 2014
“..The Clients daughter has expressed how extremely happy and grateful they are for CW Khandras’ service as she goes beyond their expectations and is a lovely person. Clients family feel very safe and satisfied with her work.”Case Worker – 27 June 2014
“You have very good, patient, willing and dedicated staff.” CRCC client – 13 June 2014
“Mrs W.. wished to express her thanks for all those who have looked after her during the 6 weeks of ComPacks. Please inform all the workers involved that she was extremely happy with the services they provided.”
CRCC – 3 March 2014
“I have just had a lovely call from Brian C. He was calling to say how wonderful he felt the service was, he named everyone individually and said that everyone was very friendly and helpful and he couldn’t thank you all enough. He said he was reluctant at first to have services however he soon changed his mind after meeting the team.
Wonderful work from everyone it certainly sounds like you have made a big impact on him and he certainly appreciates it.
Many Thanks.”Transitional Aged Care Service Coordinator – 23 January 2014
Could you pass on to CW Vikram what a fantastic job he is doing. The family are reporting some really positive changes in their daughters behaviour and Vikram has certainly contributed to this. .. We are very happy with the service.Coordinator- August 16 2013
“The care that was provided Mum at her home far exceeded our expectations (which were quite high anyway). All the service providers and carers showed genuine compassion and empathy and went out of their way to assist mum and to help us in every way they could. These terrific people helped us all manage our way through a very difficult stage for mum and a challenging time for us to cope…I cannot express how thankful we were and remain, for what was afforded mum and us over the time your team looked after mum.”.TACS Support Officer – 13 February 2013