In Home Aged Care

Helping the elderly stay at home


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Maintain your independence through our dedicated care and support.

Stimulation & interests

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Pro-actively providing stimulation and interest in activities and personal hobbies

Well Being

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Positively promoting and enhancing your personal well being through our sincere and genuine care.

Maintaining independence

ESP Healthcare understands the importance of giving the elderly their independence in their own home. Their home is very precious and contains years of memories and reminders of good times. We fully understand this time can be very difficult for families as they try and make the appropriate arrangements for the well being of their loved ones. We can give your family peace of mind with our in home aged care plans which mean your parents or partner can stay in their homes safely and healthily.

ESP Healthcare is an approved provider of Home Care Packages which lets more people access our care services.

Safely maintaining or enhancing independence and achieving client goals is a key objective. We can provide in home aged care in the following areas:

Service Areas

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    Having access to transport and being safe on the roads is paramount to continued independence in the community.

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    We can help you if you would like to go out and shop or we can let you avoid the problems of shopping. No parking or queueing.

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    Respite & companionship

    It’s very common for seniors to experience social isolation and a sense of loneliness. We can be there for you or we can help you maintain social networks and relationships, and enable ongoing participation in the community.

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    Domestic Assistance / meal preparation

    Domestic assistance can support you with practical tasks such as general housework and maintenance that help you to remain independent in your own home. Help with meal preparation can maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

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    Personal Care

    Support and assistance with all aspects of your personal hygiene needs. Services may include everyday tasks such as bathing and getting dressed.

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    Medication Assistance

    Correctly taking medication can be problematic and confusing. We can help to ensure the right medication is taken at the right time.

Specialist Care

As well as ensuring the frail are provided for and kept safe, we specialise in:

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    Pallative Care

    This in home care for the elderly can extend into palliative care with the appropriate additional medical support.

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    Challenging behaviour / Dementia

    We have staff who specialise in dementia and challenging behaviour.

Companionship & Social Interaction

It is comforting to have someone to talk to and especially important that you feel safe in your own home.

ESP Healthcare carers are professional. They are trustworthy, well trained and enjoy the interaction with their clients – they are there to help, provide a friendly ear and conversation or to just sit quietly with you.

It is proven that interaction with others;

  • Potentially reduces risk for Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces risk for mental health issues such as depression
  • When coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet and physical activity, social interaction helps keep you motivated and alert.

    So if this is the support you require, please contact the ESP Healthcare team and we will arrange everything for you.

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    What is Dementia?

    At ESP Healthcare our carers are trained to recognise and manage all levels of dementia.

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      Dementia is a term loosely used to describe the symptoms of a large number of illnesses, which cause a progressive decline in a person’s ability to function normally. Early symptoms can include intermittent short-term memory loss, mild confusion and disorientation. It can progress into a person experiencing changes in behaviour and personality, language difficulties and spatial awareness.

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      A person affected by dementia may have difficulties completing their daily living activities. People with dementia can also experience changes in emotions such as apathy, tearfulness, agitation, aggression and paranoia.

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      The person with dementia may not necessarily be aware of the problems that are resulting from their dementia. As a result, they often reject offers of assistance from family and friends who can see the true extent of the problems.

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      Dementia is more common in people over the age of 65. However, people in their 30s, 40s and 50s can also develop dementia. People of this age are referred to as having younger onset dementia. The symptoms for younger people are the same as for older people, however, their symptoms can often progress more rapidly. The most important point to remember with dementia is that every person is unique and everyone will be affected differently.


    In Home Palliative Care

    The end of life is an emotionally sensitive and difficult time. People react very differently when confronted with death: some find it difficult to deal with and talk about, many find it isolating while others may be very practical with their support.

    ESP Healthcare In-Home Care specialise in providing care to people during their final stages of life, in the comfort of their own home. as well as offering support to their families and carers so that they may have quality time with their loved one.

    Our palliative care team members have worked with many families. We will listen to what you want and discuss with you any worries or fears you may have, so you and your family are as prepared as you can be.

    ESP Healthcare can help with:

    Emotional and social support to those at end of life, and their visiting family and friends

    • Case management
    • Continence care
    • Medication management
    • Personal care.
    • Managing funeral arrangements

    Conversations about Death – Video kindly provided by The Aged Care Channel.
    Co produced by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency.

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