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Planning and implementing care for a loved one can be difficult. ESP Healthcare offers a flexible case management service that can take some pressure off you.

Our aim is to work collaboratively with our clients and families so that the right care plan choices are made. Our focus is on enabling and enhancing client independence.

We develop and manage an in home care plan that will take into account the support you receive from your partner, family and other community services and work towards other aspects of care that empower you to stay in your own home.

Our Services are completely flexible and our carers are available from 1 hr minimum to 24 hr care/weekly care.

We are constantly monitoring our clients progress and tailor each plan according to your present and future needs. We guarantee that you will always get the services you have planned for. And when organising external allied health care personnel or unusual extramural activities we only charge a once only hourly rate for the time involved assisting you.

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What are your options when considering healthcare support for yourself or a loved one.

Choosing In Home Care over Residential Facility Care.

  • In Home Care allows you to combine government allowances and private care options to suit your financial situation while staying comfortably and safely in your own home.
  • The governments new initiative ‘Consumer Directed Care’ (CDC) gives you the freedom to organise your own care and its benefits are felt most if used with In Home Care.
  • In Home Care allows to take advantage of your existing family support system.
    Not all family members can participate equally due to their own financial situation or family/work commitments and in home care gives them the chance to contribute and share equitably in the care of their loved ones whether it be through their time or financial assistance

Relocation to a retirement home is an expensive and complicated procedure and delaying this as long as possible is ideal for many reasons.

  • There is a labrynth of red tape as you have to go before an assessment Committee ACAT who assess not only your physical and mental health but also your financial assets.
  • The high cost of entering a nursing facility often involves selling the family home.
  • Thirdly you need to find the a suitable residence in a place that suits your needs, is in the right location and one that has availability. Relocating to a new area can be very stressful.
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Older Couple Outside Their House - Home Care Solutions - ESP Healthcare
The investment and time to secure accommodation in a residence is only one issue.

An assessment of care is still then required to look at the daily services provided whilst in that residence  Aged care facilities charge a range of fees to cover care, accommodation costs and living expenses. These can vary enormously between facilities and from resident to resident. You may be charged for the care and services provided as follows:

  • Basic daily fee – as a contribution toward accommodation and costs of daily living.
  • Means tested care fee – as a contribution towards the cost of care.
  • Accommodation payment or contribution – as a contribution towards capital accommodation costs.
  • Extra service fees – where extra services apply to residents occupying extra service places for the provisions of a higher standard of accommodation services and food.
The knowledge that you have access to the basic needs like shelter and care are paramount to all but especially worrysome for older people who do not want to be a burden on their offspring. In home care gives independence.